Carlsberg is hoping to kickstart drinkers’ enthusiasm for the Euro 2004 football championships with a £10m marketing support package.
The investment is being ploughed into a heavyweight TV advertising push which will include a new commercial in the beer’s ‘The world according to Carlsberg’ series. Debuting next month, the ad uses the beautiful game as a backdrop to show consumers what a perfect houseshare would be like.
Entitled ‘Flatmates’, it features the “ultimate house, full of beautiful women and cans of Carlsberg”. The housemates step out on to their balcony, positioned over a stadium football pitch, from where they can watch the game. The commercial ends with the line ‘Carlsberg doesn’t do flatmates but if it did they’d be the best flatmates in the world’.
The beer, the official pint of the England side, will also launch the ‘Your Country Needs You’ campaign to group together all its sponsorship activities.
The drive will take the form of branded break bumpers screening during televised matches and perimeter fence advertising at games.
Carlsberg is also planning instore activity around themed packaging and promotions.
The brewer has pumped a further £4m into a pre-Euro 2004 marketing presence for Carlsberg Export.
The investment will fund the first ad in the ‘So good, the Danes hate to see it leave’ campaign to feature a sailor rather than a lorry driver in deep water for exporting the brew.
Rosie Davenport