Swedish crispbread company Pågen is planning a healthy NPD drive next year to step up its competition with rival Ryvita.
The company, which plans to grow UK sales by 20% next year, is bringing its Wholegrain Active brand of Krisprolls, currently sold in France, into the UK under a new Wholegrain Plus brand. The product will be positioned as healthier than its existing lines when it goes on shelf in March as it contains 14% added dietary fibre.
To add further interest in the category, in September Pågen will also launch Krisprolls with Scandinavian berries to encourage use of the baked breads for sweet dishes as well as an alternative to sandwiches.
Pågen also plans to extend distribution of its Gifflar brand of small, fresh cinnamon and chocolate filled pastries after successful trials in Europa stores in London.
Packs of 12 pastries for £1.49 are being sold in selected stores across the UK with a planned launch into the multiples next summer.