Princes is entering the ready-to-eat lunchtime market with a range of tuna salads, which the company hopes will help it further close the gap on its rival John West.
The salads come in 240g foil-sealed plastic pots (rsp: £1.78) in five varieties - Italian, Mixed Vegetable, Mild Curry, Hawaiian and Potato. They have so far won listings with Tesco, Asda and Somerfield from this month.
The launch follows recent additions to the Princes tuna brand aimed at commanding a more premium price than the basic tinned product, including the Slimming World range in tins and pouches.
Princes has also launched a canned tuna mayonnaise and sweetcorn product that can be used as a sandwich or potato filler (rsp: 99p).
Neil Brownbill, Princes’ international trading marketing director, said he expected the lunchtime range to challenge and win significant market share from competitor products, which include the John West Light Lunch packs.
“We have been driving share growth through a combination of introducing new products based around health and convenience and strong inside support,” he said.
Princes is thought to be considering a bid for John West, which is part of a review by brand owner Heinz.
Claire Hu