Mangoes are set for a big push next month with the launch of Mad4Mango week by the Mango Association.
Among the trade and consumer activities planned for September 12-18 are a magazine competition to win a year’s supply.
In-store promotions, school mango sampling and a new web site with a recipe competition and downloadable screensaver will also be a part of the campaign. The aim is said to be to promote mangoes to parents and children.
UK spending on mangoes rose 32.3% in September 2004 around Mad4Mango week, compared with the same month the previous year, said TNS. Mango consumption rose 16.2% for the year to September 2004. Chris Abram, chairman of the Mango Association, said: “Mad4Mango week contributes considerably to market growth, as last year’s figures highlight.”
Australian mangoes are said to be one to two weeks early this year, suggesting a substantial rise in volumes available.
The Mango Association represents growers, marketing co-operatives, importers and distributors. It was formed in 2002 and now has nine members.