A New Zealand spirit company has embarked on a mission to bring Pacific rums to the UK.

Tahiti Dark rum and Seven Tiki white rum from Fiji, priced at £18.99 each, have been launched into the UK by 42 Below, renowned for launching a vodka brand of the same name.

Seven Tiki is distilled slowly in small batches using copper stills, according to the company, which is in contrast to the column stills used by other white rum producers, such as Bacardi and Havana Club. It is then aged in large French Oak vats.

Tahiti Dark is produced using similar distillation techniques to create a full-bodied rum with flavours of vanilla, caramel and lime.

Company founder ­Geoff Ross said: "In the Pacific you've got the world's finest sugar cane plantation and here in New Zealand we've got the purest water on the planet. Together we are able to create world class rums."