Rosie Davenport Foster's has outlined plans to swell its burgeoning wine business by expanding its European market. The Australian brewer, whose #700m worldwide wine sales in June topped those of beer at #627m, has agreed a #1m investment in the Wolf Blass range. John Shortt, md at Beringer Blass, Foster's wine division, said: "The #1m is just the start of it.We want to become a big player in Europe where we know there is a big opportunity." The company has unveiled a new look for Wolf Blass, as first reported in The Grocer, September 7. "Wolf Blass has been regarded as a sleeping giant," said Beringer Blass' marketing manager, Chris Thompson. He added that consumer research showed the brand needed a revamp to "fit with the positive attributes of Australia". The relaunch will be backed by advertising on the London Tube and in-store sampling. The brand has five quality levels, including the South Eastern Australian range and the newly introduced Platinum wines, priced at #29.99 a bottle. The wines, which will be available before Christmas, have already gained listings in several multiples. {{MARKETING }}