Aberdeen Angus provides the tastiest steak according to Irish TV at least.

When five Irish food lovers including TV chef Richard Corrigan couldn't agree on which breed of cattle made the tastiest steak they set up an experiment to find out.

In an exercise to be screened by an Irish TV farming programme in the autumn, they invested 2,000 to buy four animals a Hereford, a Charolais, a Limousin and an Aberdeen Angus. The animals were fattened for more than a year, after which they were slaughtered and a chef was recruited to pan-fry the steaks without any seasoning. Tasting panels assembled to judge the meat for tenderness, flavour and juiciness voted the Aberdeen Angus the unanimous winner, with the Limousin in second place, Charolais third and the Hereford which had been Corrigan's choice finishing fourth.