Absolut Vodka is seeking to highlight its Swedish roots through a raft of summer marketing activities.
The Heritage campaign will run across press ads and outdoor poster sites to "provide consumers with the knowledge to differentiate between the premium credentials of Absolut and other vodkas on the market".
Outdoor advertising will feature a 3-D Absolut bottle suspended on a pin pointing to Ahus on a map ­ Absolut's Swedish home.
The activity will be supported by a touring "public interaction unit" which will take the brand's message to several UK cities.
Eileen Livingston, senior marketing manager at Absolut's distributor Maxxium UK, said: "Consumers should know as much about the vodka they are drinking as they do about their wines or malts."
Absolut's communication manager, Linn Sandberg, added: "It's time to share the heritage of Absolut with consumers and talk about how it ensures the product inside the iconic bottle is one of the best quality vodkas."