Danone is aiming to create an even healthier image of its Actimel probiotic drink with the launch of a 0.1% fat variant.
The product, which is initially being launched in a strawberry flavour, the most popular of the Actimel flavours, will further push the brand’s health credentials among consumers.
Danone’s standard Actimel products contain 1.6% fat.
Earlier in the year Actimel debuted as a top 10 soft drinks brand, according to the Britvic Soft Drinks Report, reflecting the growing market for healthy drinks.
According to a report produced by Danone, due to be published next month, the market for active health drinks is worth £184m and 36% of UK households buy into the category. The new Actimel variant is part of Danone’s drive to create a 0.1% fat range of products across its entire chilled yoghurts and drinks portfolio. The company recently launched Shape 0.1%, and other products with the same fat content will follow in the future.
Actimel 0.1% fat is being rolled out across the multiples from May and will be available in multipacks of eight, with an rsp of £2.38. A special offer of two packs for £4 will run with the launch.
If it is a success, Danone said it is likely that it will create lower fat variants of some of its other flavours.
Danone is also adding a five-second tag to the end of its adverts from the end of June, highlighting the introduction of the new variant.
Stefan Chomka