Asda insists it will invite activists in for “a cup of tea” if they use an anti Wal-Mart movie to protest outside stores.
American director Robert Greenwald’s feature-length movie ‘Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price’ is set for a spring release in the UK following a successful run in the US, with activists here understood to be getting ready for protests.
Fervent anti-Asda campaign group War on Want said that it planned to reprint and update a 12-page dossier titled ‘Asda Wal-Mart: The Alternative Report’ in time for the film’s UK release. Its spokesman Matthew McGregor said: “We will ask local activists to get down to local screenings and give out copies of our report. We will also do much more work to lobby MPs over issues surrounding Asda.”
He insisted the group had “no plans either way” with regards to protests outside stores, but rumours persist that such a move will be a key manoeuvre in its bid to exploit the film.
A spokesman for Asda said the film, to which The Grocer has obtained a sneak preview, “verges on propaganda”.
But he added: “If War on Want volunteers are planning on visiting our stores we will treat them as guests, give them a cup of tea and listen to what they have to say. That’s the Asda way.”
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