Kerry Foods is not affiliated to al-Qaeda. Let's make that absolutely clear.

And the dairy giant surely knew nothing of the Christmas Day attempt to take down a plane by the so-called 'underpants bomber'.

So it's nothing more than a hilarious, if chilling, coincidence that its new ad for Cheestrings riffs playfully on global hysteria over airport security. It's a daring promotional gambit for a product that resembles Semtex rather more than it does food, despite having famously been laden with a glass of milk in every string.

Here, a Cheestring is grilled by over-zealous security types for flouting the 'no liquids' rule with his lactic content; the same rule that says you can't take bottled water on planes but flammable duty-free spirits are fine. Funny, iconoclastic and bizarrely topical too, this ad is a winner.

Next week: The Laughing Cow's deliciously wry parody of the Haiti earthquake.

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