The first law of pizza advertising says if in doubt, reach for a lazy Italian-American stereotype.

Northern Foods didn't get to rule two, which says make the Pizza Fairy character you're hoping will save the brand jovial, rather than surly and threatening.

Either that or get Joe Pesci to play a fairy so terrifying you suspect he's got Vinnie the Panda locked in his garage with his head in a vice.

As fairies often do, this one rather falls between two stools. Sure, he magically gifts the pizza-craving girl a pony as well as her dinner. But you do wonder if she'll wake up with its severed head in her bed if she dares ask what difference it makes stone-baking a pizza when you're then going to freeze it. Or what 'stone-baking' is.

This is certainly not an offer you can't refuse. Don't be surprised if the advertising creatives behind it are found sleeping with the fishfingers in a supermarket freezer aisle.

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