They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But then 'they' also say dogs can't look up - and that's clearly nonsense too.

Andrex 'flatters' sensuous perfume ads for its Shea Butter spot - a concept that might have been funny for five seconds, but these days grates quicker than a Graham Norton stand-up set entirely of Michael Jackson jokes. It's not helped by a voiceover so crashingly twee it makes your teeth hurt.

Far more original is the product itself - whoever blue-skied loo roll smeared in margarine (or even bum-soothing body balm) is clearly ahead of their time. And the related charity push with former Atomic-powered feline Liz McClarnon in just her Andrex-branded smalls isn't too shabby either.

But this could have been the most famous coming together of backsides and butter since that famous scene in Last Tango In Paris.

Fewer pampered puppies, more kit-off Kittens please.