"How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child."

Quaker adapts King Lear's lament to sow its oats with a campaign lionising the unsung heroes that "make more of their mornings".

People like Martin Bull, the sad-sack "community theatre" impresario who gives hope to gloomy northern teens via the magic of amateur dramatics.

Quaker tarts up Martin's dismal warehouse with some new stage-foliage and a stubbly Sean Bean, back on TV for the first time since playing a potty-mouthed paedo in the Red Riding trilogy. If Sean had Oat So Simple for breakfast the day of filming this ad, he may have had time to shave.

Future iterations will star the Tube driver whose strike stops you getting to work and the over-zealous store detective who won't believe you were only storing that frozen turkey under your bobble-hat on your way to the checkout.

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