Ah, Guinness: semi-drinkable embodiment of city-wide punch-ups, Yanks pretending to be Irish and idiotic jester hats bobbing towards Twickenham.

Although Rutger is gone and the flotsam of its Leftfield-backed surfer classic long ago drifted out with the tide, the stout is still synonymous with ads more luxuriant than a week in the bath with Andrea Corr.

After the Evolution mis-step and the equally confusing Tipping Point which played up its, erm, Argentine heritage the boys from the black stuff are back with a Big Bang.

Guinness has always been a triumph of marketing over sense, of corporate blarney over taste. So what? The CGI genesis of Bring It To Life has too many stunning images to describe here, although the springloaded forests are a particular highlight.

This new direction has been 10 years in the making. A tad implausibly, it was totally worth the wait.