The trouble with success is that it builds expectations. And gets you taken over by an acquisitive US monolith.

Cadbury's past few ads - the eyebrows; that weird spinning head - didn't quite rebottle the lightning of the drumming gorilla.

But now they're back in the big time, as a boffin spins chocolate on his potter's wheel like he was Demi Moore in Ghost gearing up for some hot and messy Swayze-loving. Or, if you're as old as Moore, it might remind you of the potter's wheel on The Generation Game. (Not the trans-generational fun she has with Ashton Kutcher.)

The ad is startlingly eye-catching, executed with élan and earns massive bonus points for its Charlatans soundtrack. Even better, it doesn't involve Moore, for these days the archetypal 'cougar' would be more seductive in the gorilla suit.

If Cadbury has goodwill to make up with Joe Public, this is one hell of a good start.

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