Seb Coe suggestively chugging a Flake is not a pleasant image. So kudos to Cadbury for touting its Olympic connections in more oblique fashion.

Still, chocoholics are not natural athletes so it's bold trying to spark a Spots v Stripes sporting civil war.

Cadbury's seafaring epic is fantastic to look at and raucously scored. It's paced so furiously some nice touches are inevitably missed on the first viewing. The plus side is it has more repeat value than most ads.

Will this sell chocolate? Maybe. Will it stir our wheezing hulks from our sofas into public acts of sporting endeavour? Hopefully not.

Beijing 2008 had lip-synching angels and more pyrotechnics than the brutal suppression of a pro-democracy march. If Cadbury wins, London 2012 will be red-faced, sweaty and daubed in Dairy Milk.

Still, it's the taking part that counts. Right?

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