Last year literally dozens of Guardian-reading Brits stirred from their apolitical slumber to gawp slack-jawed at the true majesty of democracy in action, as Chicago senator Barack Obama enthused the young and previously idle.

Now Chicago Town is encouraging diners-in to vote with their feet (or their sofa-bound backsides) and desert delivery kings Domino's and Pizza Hut. A quick-fire new ad boldly claims that punters prefer its fresh-from-the-freezer fare to equivalent pizzas from the takeaway giants - although the anorexically slim sample size does undermine it a tad.

Mind you, the culinary alchemy that is pizza-making is notoriously subjective. While deranged consumers insist it's anything other than a crime against nature to put pineapple on pizza, drawing solid conclusions will remain harder than nailing scrambled egg to the wall with a salami (and less fun).