'A change would do you good' warbled freckle-headed VH-1 footnote Sheryl Crow back in 1997.

Stella 4 would do well to heed that message, which has proved more enduring than Crow's disposable dad-rock. This campaign started fresh but now, like Crow, is starting to show wear and tear in its fourth iteration.

The suave quick-change artist is transposed from a van carrying chickens to a locomotive aptly, as the ad soon runs out of steam. Next, presumably, a spot set on an aircraft, our hero morphing from stewardess to hijacker to pilot before a lager-fuelled initiation to the mile-high club.

Alas, there are only so many times you can watch a smug Frenchman unaccountably get the girl before you want something unfortunate to wipe the smile off his face (the 'Sarkozy Effect').

At least the forthcoming media onslaught for Stella Cidre should wipe this off our screens for a while.

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