Without a chemistry degree, it's hard to know if 'micro moisture serum' refers to an actual thing or is simply ad speak for running your head under a cold tap. But you can take a fair guess.

Dove Damage Therapy eschews the graphics-heavy pseudo-science for a rapid-cut montage of women having bad hair days. They tug, torture and iron their hair, howling into the wind like Lear on the heath. One twists a jet curl under her nose to perform a sub-par Hitler impression.

Maybe that's why the boudoir of hirsute horrors is backed by a barnet-based reworking of My Favourite Things, the sickeningly twee ode to barking Rottweilers from perky Nazi singalong The Sound of Music.

It's a jarring juxtaposition that calls to mind the brain-washing sequence in A Clockwork Orange, a synapses-busting combination that's enough to induce brain damage, never mind hair damage.

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