Those 'show me your cocoa beam' posters last week had us worried the new TV ad for Cadbury Dairy Milk would be patronising and cutesy.

But the latest in the Glass and a Half Full series, showcasing CDM's new Fairtrade 'roots', makes the surreal sight of a gorilla drumming to a Phil Collins beat seem ordinary.

In the ad, a giant voodoo-like head starts spinning on its axis before processing down the street, its eyes bulging and sparks flying.

Yet, bizarrely, none of the locals seems in any way disturbed, even when a giant cocoa bean on the head explodes, and turns into... a singing Ghanian popstar called Tinny.

Clearly the drugs these locals have been taking are a lot stronger than chocolate (even Fairtrade chocolate) because they all break out into a spontaneous bootylicious dance.

If it were me, I'd be running a mile, cos this is weird, man, weird.