Madge could have done better than Harold. Or Lou.

The prototype cougar is cited in Foster's new ad, which has two Aussie DJs advising a Brit listener on whether his bride-to-be will one day turn into her mum.

"Did Scott ever wonder if the lovely Charlene was gonna end up looking like Madge?" they muse, clearly cool on the stern charms of Ramsay Street's matriarch.

Aside from the Madge-bashing, it also overlooks how drunk you'd need to be to take advice from Aussies in the first place, unless your dilemma involved the right process for flamin' a galah.

With its blokeish humour and sort-of-ironic misogyny, Foster's is on solid ground even if the ad is a reminder that the lager brand lags Neighbours and Kylie's gold pants in the pantheon of good things from Oz.

And the new 'Good Call' slogan is weak. It's like lifting Charlene's veil at the altar to find that it's Mrs Mangel underneath instead.

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