A while ago this column was a touch underwhelmed by the lavish but slightly muddled ‘1366’ campaign for Stella Artois, which marked an explicit push from InBev to rid its top brand of the ‘wifebeater’ tag.

Although the main brand is just 1% stronger than its new stablemate Stella 4, the contrast between the pair’s adverts is reminiscent of chalk and some particularly pungent Belgian cheese.

Stella 4 ditches Patrick Stewart and the CGI pomposity of its counterpart for an achingly cool swagger into an idealised 1960s.

After being caught red-handed rubbing suntan lotion upon the sultry squeeze of a local big-shot, our hero tumbles over a balcony and into the smoothest of landings, on his way collecting a designer suit, a gleaming pint of Stella 4 and the admiration of any man that ever wanted to be Steve McQueen. (So, every man, then.)

The advert is witty, looks fabulous and drips with Continental charm - albeit with a whiff of too much aftershave about it.

Whether or not drinkers embrace the Stella 4 product, the ad it has spawned will surely endure: it’s an instant classic.