If dolphins were really so smart, they'd escape from those tuna nets.

Likewise, Albert Einstein could surely have devised a way of preventing a bloke in a rubber mask using his mug to flog bread decades after his death.

Einstein is the new face of gluten-free bread Genius, posited as a Homer Simpson-type character whose musings on existence tend to conclude that mass times velocity equals a tuna niçoise sandwich.

It's a fun idea that initially catches you off-guard and there's a sorrow in the actor's eyes that hints at Albert's post-atomic guilt. But it's surely giving consumers too much credit to think they'll recognise a man more famed for his brainpower than covering Cheryl Cole tunes or getting hit in the groin with a cricket bat on You've Been Maimed.

Next week: a Sigmund Freud lookylikey on why Mattessons pork sausage reminds him of his father.

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