Yanks will pledge allegiance to a bucket of fried chicken if it's wrapped in the Stars and Stripes. But us Brits struggle a bit with patriotism, our mistrust of Jürgen Foreigner outweighed by feelings of post-imperial inadequacy.

Happily, Hovis has seized back the Union Jack for its Soft White loaves with all-British wheat. The new ad has farmers stampeding over hedgerows and fences in a steeplechase to bring Hovis their wheat. Bad luck the image of all those farmers crashing face-first into the mud rather calls to mind the carnage of last week's Grand National.

But then it's a peculiarity of the animal-loving British psyche that we'd sooner see dozens of people die horribly than watch a shrew sprain its ankle. So maybe this is just another patriotic twist.

With Royal Wedding fever at shrieking pitch, it's good timing, too. What proud Englishman wouldn't want to sink his teeth into a couple of 'Princess Kate' buns?

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