That 1973 Hovis advert – helmed by Hollywood giant Ridley Scott when Alien was still a foetus gestating in its scriptwriter’s chest – is as iconic as it gets, and was named the nation’s favourite commercial in a 2006 poll.

So no pressure, then, on Premier Foods’ ambitious new Hovis advert, seen by The Grocer ahead of its debut last night during Coronation Street. Suitably epic, it riffs spectacularly on Scott’s ‘boy with loaf’ concept as a young scamp clambers through the decades, witnessing the Blitz, England’s World Cup win and the miners’ strike.

Although viewers may not notice that the 122-second running time mirrors the brand’s 122-year history, the sky-high production values are obvious (though, then again £30m is a lot of dough) and there are moments of genuine power.

However, the ‘as good today as it’s always been’ slogan seems weak given the new recipe, and the new mini-loaf seems almost an afterthought, hidden under his arm. Whether Premier is chasing consumers or Oscars, this viewer’s final reaction was not so much ‘must buy Hovis’ as ‘quite fancy watching Gladiator’.