The career of Martin Kemp describes an odd trajectory, from Spandau Ballet's pouting New Romantic to grizzled Mockney bruiser in The Krays and EastEnders.

Now he's shilling for Bernard Matthews, opposite Marco Pierre White.

Aptly, the turkey-based banter is basted with both romance and violence, Kemp's barely restrained aggression underpinning the simmering man-love.

White, usually so keen to play the alpha male, here inhabits the role of The Other Woman, tenderly crafting a turkey dinner of impressive moistness and slating Mrs Kemp for drying out her usual Sunday bird.

It must have been sobering for White to be so outgunned for machismo by the former host of Channel Five's Dangerous Adventures For Boys or perhaps oddly thrilling.

No wonder they both seem keen to skip dinner and go straight to the fireplace wrestling so beloved of DH Lawrence.

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