You'd think new Hovis adverts came round as often as Halley's Comet - and had more impact - given the media whirlwind they whip up.

Premier Foods' self-fulfilling PR machine whirs into gear once again this week, rising grimly from the ashes of last year's "wasn't the war fun" spectacular like an undercooked extra from Terminator 4.

The baker's latest PR hunter-killer dusts the crust from its gallery of sepia-tinged angels to cast a beaming girl in creepy Victoriana - think Emily from Bagpuss with seedy dough replacing heart-rending pathos - as she snaps up the brand's stunning new move in new product development... bread rolls.

Mind you, with this column now referencing the iconic cloth cat twice in a row after last week's Feel Good Drinks commercial, it just goes to show how hard being original really is.