'Is your gut trying to tell you something?'

Drink less, probably. Don't wear that fuchsia tank top. Oh, and buy Yakult - although with Arthur Smith's aural-methadone voiceover, it sounds more like they're flogging tapeworms, the red-hot dieting method that got countless Victorian women down to a trendy size-four waist.

Still, it's tough selling a product that sounds like an order from a Nazi prison guard (witness the demise of controversial energy drink Achtung Pig-dog!).

The ad gets points for shunning pretend-scientific Latin names for its "billions of bacteria", there's some suitably loopy background music and besides, when your target audience believes drinking miniature bottles of gone-off milk is the secret to eternal life, you can probably push it that little bit more.

Next week: drain off that debilitating pox with new Lemsip Leeches!