Pepsi Max likes to challenge viewers of its ads with complex moral dilemmas.

We've all duped a pretty girl into thinking an asteroid is about to destroy all life on earth to get a quick fumble in a bar toilet. But we didn't all feel good about it.

The tables are turned in the soft drink's new YouTube vid, where a trio of gurning numpties are hurdled in a flying monster truck by Page 3 stunna Rosie Jones.

The boys are splattered in what is presumably mud but could equally be the product of bowels voided in terror at the stunning reversal of centuries of patriarchal tradition.

Jones wearing just the sort of figure-hugging playsuit Emmeline Pankhurst would doubtless have championed had Lycra been freely available in Edwardian Britain is a sassy suffragette signalling feminism's ultimate ideological triumph.

Who says Pepsi Max is just for teenage boys?

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