Things that could just about get away with being called 'RetarDex': a comic book super-villain whose power is to make people act like idiots; weedkiller, at a stretch; and that's it.

Still, in our deeply PC age, it's rather sweet nobody involved in making this mouthwash brand ever thought its name was a bit off-key.

And shunning group-think is the essence of its TV debut, which posits herds of unimaginative drones stampeding on to packed buses, down blind alleys and towards brands of oral de-clagger than don't have the word 'retard' in their name. The fools.

It's reverse psychology of dastardly cunning, anti-marketing that effectively dares shoppers to buy something they'd never admit to. It's like naming a baby food Brat Poison or selling condoms called ImpotenZ.

The slogan might as well have been 'For teeth with very special needs'.

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