Perhaps some day we'll identify the exact moment irony died when popular culture became so inane, our politics so bankrupt, that satire ceased to be possible for lack of a credible target.

You'd think an advert spoofing those 1970s public information messages had its sights set on prey so vulnerable the joke couldn't possibly work.

But just as shooting fish in a barrel is actually way more fun than it sounds, especially if they're still fresh enough to be flapping, the new Rocky advert lands some surprisingly telling blows.

Such as when the CGI safety dude elbows in the face a dog on a skateboard wearing a helmet a moment executed with more deadpan aplomb than Leslie Nielsen reading a diagnosis of terminal cancer. It's genuinely hilarious, especially if you watch it a few times in a row.

The slogan's a bit crap, though. 'Dunk and cover' would have been better.