Say what you like about gang culture, at least it gets the kids off their PlayStations.

Like Proust's madeleine, the new Savlon ad evokes a nostalgic reverie of grazed knees and jumpers for goalposts.

It shows kids doing all kinds of stuff they aren't allowed to these days, like climbing trees (too risky), playing cowboys and Indians (too racist) and getting their first heady taste of sexual awakening (don't go there).

Presumably it was filmed with an élite team of health and safety experts on hand, while the man from the insurance company gave himself continuous CPR.

This high-energy romp has a refreshingly upbeat take on childhood medical trauma and, mercifully, doesn't resort to the germ-warfare scaremongering of certain detergent ads.

It's just a shame for the cast that childhood stars often end up druggy weirdos with emotional damage even Savlon can't soothe.

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