AB InBev continues its sensory overload for Stella Cidre with a new ad starring that bloke in the glasses, the embodiment of what nobody in the trade is calling 'newsreader chic'.

Right now his face is on more posters in grubby parts of London than the Krays were at the height of their criminal infamy.

The Cidre concept meant AB InBev had only two options for its ads: ironic, or horribly pretentious. Opting for the former was clearly the right move.

But while the beige Sixties aesthetic and the comic turn from Serious Glasses Man are both perfectly pitched, the ad's one joke a recurrent riff on how you pronounce the product name soon wears thin.

It's an average idea brilliantly executed, like France itself. Nobody knows why you'd want such a beautiful, bountiful country in the hands of grumpy xenophobes. But, you must admit, it fits that unusual brief spectacularly well.

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