If the Challenger shuttle disaster proved one thing, it's that women and technology don't mix.

The new Stella Artois ad takes this concept and runs with it. Here, the latest in its line of dapper drinkers leaves his date dazzled like a rabbit in the spotlights of his Man From UNCLE executive seduction suite.

While He goes to slip into something less comfortable than bike leathers and crash helmet, She is left unsupervised to play with the controls of his hi-tech lab of love. Predictably, but still amusingly, She nearly incinerates herself before being swallowed by the sofa and replaced with a pint.

Some of Stella's recent ad run has been smothered in its own smugness, but this whips out enough wit and whimsy to offset the whiff of way too much Gallic cologne. In fact, this is perhaps the best yet in a campaign that began well but had started to feel stale.

Class in an Artois glass.

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