Some revolutions stick, like Castro's Cuba, and some don't, like feminism, disco and the third Matrix movie.

Scratch cooking got a year before people went back to microwaving tinned lasagne six times a week.

Now SodaStream is back like a low-rent messiah, hoping to spark a revival in the lost art of scratch carbonating.

Back too is the classic slogan. And with the oak-smoked tones of Celtic love god Rob Brydon on voiceover duties, getting busy with the fizzy has never sounded sexier.

Yes, SodaStream is a more laborious way of making pop you get cheaper and better in the shops. You might only use it once before boxing it back up and gifting it to a relative for Christmas.

But feel the nostalgia, which drips from this ad like syrupy concentrate. Silly and euphoric, this deserves a decent run before it's banished back to gather dust between your Breville and your Betamax.

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