If the recession means the value of your house has dropped faster than Paris Hilton's pants, flinging chinless City types out of a plane could help you let off steam - and also introduce a performance-related 'incentive' that might just stop them bankrupting the nation again in search of a Leahy-sized bonus.

It's raining men (and women) over in Nature Valley, with 'townies' crash-landing from thin air into a rural idyll - still clutching their crunchy bars of granola-based guilt-reliever.

Back on terra farmer, they are mocked by a comedy-Welsh Albert Finney lookalike, pitchforked into a truck and shipped off "back to the rodent race" with minimum fuss.

But as Deliverance showed, there are worse ways to rediscover nature. Gentle taunting from a yokel or a crossbow in the chops and some unexpected 'romance'? It's an easy choice, naturally.