Warburtons’ response to Hovis’ time-travelling epic is a vaguely sinister head trip reminiscent of late 90s cult favourite Being John Malkovitch.

Businessman Mr Hatano arrives at Manchester airport. As he crosses the city, he notices a strange thing: his cabby’s tattoo, a football shirt, the movie showing at a cinema… they all feature the Warburtons name. As his confusion mounts, Tchaikovsky’s playful yet foreboding Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy provides an unoriginal but nevertheless perfect soundtrack.

“Bolton’s family baker is now Britain’s favourite baker,” incants the voiceover as Hatano reaches his hotel room – the Warburton Suite, naturally – to find dinner is served, a pile of toast on a silver platter. The ‘Welcome to the family’ payoff as he takes a fateful first bite is unquestionably more Sopranos than Waltons.

For such an offbeat ad (bread hardly screams ‘edgy’, after all), it’s also functional – the brand name is onscreen throughout. Just try getting it out of your head.

The ad is so inspired that it makes you want to buy the product just to reward the creatives.