Remember the 1990s? Lad-mags wallpapered our newsagents with socially acceptable porn; reality TV had not yet ruined every last aspect of popular culture; and the streets were sluiced with vomit perfumed by a thousand spilt alcopops.

We've all moved on since then - except WKD, which has stubbornly wallowed in its own sickly sweet funk.

However, the latest WKD ad hints that the world's only alcoholic drink made from pulped Smurf has grown up. For the latest televised japery is no bone-headed 'prank' or act of moronic chauvinism, but the gently humorous exploits of someone you might NOT want to punch in the face the instant you meet them. It's quite a departure.

In a pub, a man politely borrows a chair and crosses the street to the next boozer, where he joins his pals in seat-dwelling comfort. Easy.

It's not all that wicked - but neither is the drink. And maybe now not just for kids.