Adams Foods has resurrected its trademark application for MU, a new Cheddar brand originally billed as 'exclusive to Tesco'.

The Grocer reported two weeks ago that Adams Foods had registered the name 'MUthe tasty one. Mature Cheddar. Exclusive to Tesco. Reclosable Pack helps keeps your MU perfect', sparking suggestions Tesco could be looking to follow its Yoo yoghurts with a tertiary Cheddar.

But following enquiries from The Grocer, Adams Foods withdrew the application on 24 May. Adams declined to comment at the time, while Tesco insisted it had "no plans" to launch any brands with Adams.

However, Adams has now filed a new application for the same brand and pack design with references to Tesco removed. The name now reads 'MUthe tasty one. Mature Cheddar'. Adams said it was "constantly innovating" and "exploring several new opportunities".