Unilever doesn't pour £12m into its marketing bucket for just any old brand so there has to be something special about its Adez range of fortified juices blended with soya. Apparently, the company has had a soya range called Ades in Latin America for 18 years but this version is certainly something novel to us and has been developed with new packaging and flavours. The three variants - pineapple & passionfruit, orange & peach and mango & apricot - aren't your run-of-the-mill soya drink flavours and, as such, won't solely appeal to just hardened soya consumers. They also look great - all bright colours and fresh imagery - and they have strong health credentials, with fewer calories than most juice drinks, as well as the added benefits of calcium and soya. On top of that, the all-singing, all-dancing 'Double Dutch' summer advertising campaign has the potential to make skipping a national pastime for all ages. However, the main reason we like them is simple: they taste nice.