Nestlé is supporting the launch of Aero Caramel with a £5m media campaign a record for the brand.

The confectioner introduces the new bars (rsp: 56p) to countline shelves on 17 January to kick off what it describes as a "huge year" for Aero.

Consisting of five caramel-centered segments of bubbly Aero chocolate, the bars will target young adults through a £1m digital campaign centering around Facebook.

A £1m outdoor campaign runs from later this month and a humorous £2.5m television push breaks on from 24 January, running until 28 February.

Nestlé said that Aero Caramel would meet a consumer preference for lighter, portionable bars over larger "gut fill" bars such as Mars and Snickers.

"These hunger buster-style bars are just not a trend at the moment," said a spokeswoman.