Kinvara Organic Smoked Salmon, on the west coast of Ireland, is driving up the premium image of salmon with new packaging across its retail range.

The new look will appear in retailers from the middle of August. Founder Declan Droney said: "We wanted to emphasise the premium nature of our salmon and have moved to an instantly recognisable printed card sleeve for maximum stand out on shelf."

The new packaging features an image of the Atlantic Ocean with a clear window. Kinvara salmon are reared in cages near Clare Island, four miles off the west coast of Ireland. The heavy wave action continually creates movement of water through the cages, against which the salmon are compelled to swim. This constant 'aerobic workout' makes the salmon firm and less fatty than conventional farmed salmon.

Kinvara organic smoked salmon is available in Waitrose, Selfridges, Fresh 'n' Wild and Partridges.