E-cigar by Nicolite

Nicolites has produced an e-cigar with an “authentic Cuban flavour”

Following on from the success of e-cigarettes, Nicolites is looking to roll the Cuban experience into a big fat e-cigar.

The disposable e-cigar costs £14.99 and contains around 1,000 puffs. “We have always wanted to offer cigar smokers the same benefits that our e-cigarettes provide,” said managing director Nikhil Nathwani. “Each e-cigar boasts an authentic Cuban flavour, is easy to hold and provides a great sense of satisfaction.”

It is estimated there are around 1.5 million users of electronic cigarettes in the UK and Nicolites said that up to 200 million traditional cigarettes were replaced with its electronic version during the first six months of the year.

Last week The Grocer reported that the e-cig market is set to grow from £193m this year to £338m by the end of 2015.

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