There were 250 million occasions of haddock consumption in the last year - a fall of 10% year-on-year
Haddock consumption peaks on a Friday, when it accounts for over a quarter (29%) of all consumption
Enjoyment is the main driver of haddock consumption accounting for half of its consumption
Haddock given a battering by the young
Battered and breaded haddock have led the overall decline seen in 2005, with both seeing a near 20% drop in consumption this year. Smoked haddock has performed better, but still suffered a 7% fall. Within haddock consumption, battered and breaded haddock makes up 15%, with smoked accounting for 18%.
Haddock's consumption is heavily biased toward the over 45s who eat almost two thirds. Children and young adults, up to age 24, only eat 16% but eat 29% of all foods. It is this group of young consumers who are falling away from haddock most conspicuously - last year their consumption fell by close to 20%. Total fish is growing 2%.
More than two thirds of haddock is eaten at the evening meal and this occasion is flat. Other occasions - lunch and teatime, which both account for more than 15% - are in decline. All haddock is eaten hot, so perhaps it is this need for preparation which is damaging these occasions.
Health plays a key role in consumption, with one in five occasions motivated by health values, and this driver is in growth compared with last year. Nick Bavin