The problems besetting the milk sector are to be examined by a MAFF task force. Agriculture minister Nick Brown said: "The task force will take forward the work of the Food Chain Group and seek to identify scope for greater efficiencies within the milk and dairy supply chain in England." The taskforce will cover all aspects of the chain from production to marketing, and will report next spring. Brown stressed the initiative would be led by government and industry, although no details of members of the taskforce were released. Ben Gill, president of the National Farmers' Union, welcomed the initiative, saying: "Adding value is a key ingredient to delivery of better returns to UK farmers. "To achieve this an integrated food chain is crucial where there is a fair distribution of margins." MAFF has formed two other taskforces ­ one to examine input costs, the other to look at ways of improving the lot of hill farmers. News of the three taskforces came at an Agriculture Strategy Industry Forum hosted by Brown. There was only a brief mention of the OFT's draft code of practice for supermarkets at the forum. {{NEWS }}