AgroFair has set up a service to sell and market fruit juice and purées from Fairtrade fruit growers.
Fruit will be sourced from smallholder farmers, and puréed and juiced in its country of origin. 

Fairtrade ingredients available under the initiative include banana purée from Ecuador, organic mango pulp from Peru, pineapple juice from Costa Rica, guava pulp from Brazil and orange juice from Brazil and Costa Rica.

The service had been launched in response to a growing demand among manufacturers for Fairtrade ingredients, AgroFair UK MD John Bowles said.

“This will give the farming groups that co-own AgroFair another market for their fruit and in turn help farmers build a better future for their families,” he added.

AgroFair already provides Fairtrade fruit purées and juices for products including baby food, fruit smoothies and the new Ben & Jerry’s Fairtrade Chunky Monkey ice cream, and is due to launch smoothies under the Oké brand.