The Soil Association looks to be moving away from an outright ban on accrediting organic fruit and veg that has been airfreighted in.

Though its consultation on the issue doesn't end until October, policy director Peter Melchett revealed to The Grocer that less than half of consultees favoured such a ban. But an overwhelming majority support the SA's bid to tackle the problem. It raises the likelihood that the SA will pick a 'middle way' to deal with airfreighting, such as labelling products with an aeroplane logo. The final decision will be taken next month, Melchett said.

The news will come as a relief to growers in the developing world and to the British government, which has lobbied hard against a ban. "Driving six miles to buy your shopping emits more carbon than flying a pack of Kenyan green beans to the UK," trade and development minister Gareth Thomas told a Department for International Development debate on food miles.