Alcohol continues to be the order of the day, with 85 different brands recorded on offer across the five retailers. Tesco's increased activity within this category is still being supported by its Wine Festival event and accounts for 16% of retailers' alcohol promotions, although Sainsbury takes the lead with 42% of the total activity in this extensive category drive.

Morrisons has finally succeeded in catching up with Sainsbury, with the two major promotional supermarkets going head to head this week. Wayne Rooney's favourite, Asda, has improved its promotional performance, moving ahead of Tesco for the first time this year.

New arrivals into the brand charts this week are Dettol and Princes. Dettol has a number of promotions on several of its household cleaning and hygiene products, while Princes re-emerges with offers on tinned meats and fish. Offers within the soft drinks category have increased, with World Cup sponsors Coca-Cola displaying the greatest cross-retailer activity.