Bottled cocktail brand Longflint has launched a carbonated bottled Mezcal cocktail, which it claims is the worlds first.

Longflint Grapefruit, Sour Cherry & Mezcal Paloma (5% abv) will roll out into seven Whole Foods Market stores across London on 19 June, with an eye to extending the brand further into “high quality independents” (rsp: £3.99/250ml).

The NPD was produced in partnership with London Mezcal brand QuiQuiRiQui.

“We were approached by a few different companies that wanted to use our Mezcal in various different products but none felt or tasted right,” said QuiQuiRiQui owner Melanie Symonds. “Longflint’s offering is brilliantly refined and sums up exactly what a classic Paloma should be.”